Monday, April 19, 2010

monday gratitudes

Today I am grateful for...
  • the sun finally being out!
  • "In Memory" at the Vietnam wall....thinking of the year Uncle Lauri was honored at that ceremony.
  • help at the yarn shop yesterday with my sweater
  • sock knitting class
  • laughter
  • my plants
  • coffee
  • having a home to decorate
  • knitting
I haven't been doing any scrapbooking or cardmaking. I've been knitting. I go in spurts. And I always feel guilty about it! It is a challenge having so many hobbies. But I have found I do just go back-and-forth depending on what I am itching to work on. Lately it has been my sweater I'm knitting and a new challenge - a magic loop sock class which I'm loving!

Today we have a holiday here in MA. Patriot's Day...aka Marathon Monday. I miss going to the Marathon. Since I was a baby we went every year. My mom grew up going because her aunts lived on the route. After they both passed away a few years ago the house was sold and that tradition came to an end. But now I can just relax...and catch up on grading since school is winding down!

Happy Monday!


Sarah C. said...

I understand the crafty spurts. Same thing happens to me. And I am constantly impressed with your knitting. I need to send my mom to look at the photos of some of your creations - she's become quite the knitter herself in the last year.

Hope the grading went quickly so you can enjoy your day off! :)

Marketing Gurl said...

Yeah I was pretty crafty for a while...making jewelry doing stuff like that...lately though just kinda into tv watching with my hands free!


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