Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yesterday I took one of my old friends to my LSS. She had never been and we had a ball. I picked up this American Crafts stamp set. I've been eyeing it for a few weeks but always cringe when I buy a bigger stamp set at full price. It wasn't that bad....$10 but I feel guilty that I've been spending so much money on supplies lately. I need to start making cards for the craft fair in a few weeks and ease up on the shopping for supplies! I am looking forward to breaking these out today!

This week I have a few extra days off. One of my plans is to get some binders and page protectors and work on a new organization for my clear stamps. Right now they are in a drawer in my desk. But my stash is growing and I'm running out of room. Plus I can't see what I have. I use a binder system for all my alphas, stickers, journaling tags etc. And I have always liked that. Much easier to see what I have. So I'm going to try the same for my clear stamps. We'll see how it works.

Plus this weekend I am SO excited at how beautiful the weather is! Sunny, warm (50'), and did I mention sunny?

Happy Sunday!

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