Monday, March 8, 2010

monday gratitudes

Presque Isle, ME ~ Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Today I am grateful for...
  • a beautiful day off from work.
  • money in the bank to pay the unexpected amt of taxes I owe.
  • extra days off this week.
  • my education.
  • time to make cards yesterday.
  • my stamp & paper collection.
  • my board certification as an art therapist.
  • knitting to relax my busy, over-thinking mind.
  • yellow. a color I never appreciated before.
  • spring being on its way in New England.
  • an apartment with nice morning sun.
  • lavendar.
  • scented candles...current favorite is "Dune Grass" from Yankee Candles.
  • country.
  • use of my arms and legs.
  • feeling better.
  • future milestones to look forward to.
  • upbeat music.
  • Netflix DVD's to look forward to (thanks to my sister!)
Decided to post an old picture to remind me that (a) Spring will get here, and (b) I need to focus on simple pleasures.Yesterday I tried to relax and eventually did...but in the a.m. did my taxes and had an unfortunate suprise...doesn't pay in many ways to have to work two part-time jobs. I need to make some quick adjustments before too much more of 2010 goes by so I'm not in this position next year. But I was able to calm my thoughts with a little knitting and then sat and played with my new scrapping supplies and made a few cards. I'll post them later. More collage-y in style I think. Fun. Needed some of my own art therapy. Today I need to take my car to the dealer to have them look at my windshield. The rubber liner that holds it down at the roof line is very loose! Yikes. Then a quick trip to Trader Joes. I want to pick up a few things for dinner and some tulips. Maybe I'll splurge on 2 bunches this week.

Happy Monday!


Shell said...

great list - and spring is coming - over here anyway - I have a garden full of daffodils and tulips!

nice that you had money in the bank but UGH that you had to pay extra taxes :-(

Marlene said...

Very good list. I am grateful that almost all the snow is gone - all that's left are miniscule patches from where there were huge piles. ICK on having to pay taxes. ICK. (I've been in the "work two part time jobs" scenario before, and the same thing happened to me.)

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful list! Two bunches of tulips sounds like a very nice treat. :)

Rach H said...

Nothing says spring like tulips!!! I love your gratitude list-very nice!!!

Tracy said...

Nice graditude list.
Tulips ohhh to see the tulips, I can't wait.

Renee Lamb said...

Thanks for the reminder of be thankful for the smaller things! great list and I'm soooooo excited for Spring to get here!

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