Monday, January 4, 2010

gratitudes and other thoughts

Today I am grateful for:
  • time playing Super Mario Bros on Wii with Cary last night! Lots of laughing and so fun!
  • the sun coming in my window.
  • enough money to buy a coffee at my favorite coffee shop today.
  • two more days of vacation.
  • feeling good physically.
  • this restful vacation at home.
  • snow.
  • pine scented candles.
  • tea.
  • brownies I made last night.
  • a paycheck.
I mentioned the above piece of china in yesterday's post. It was given to me by my uncle for Christmas. It isn't actually a "heirloom" in the traditional sense, but it will be treated as one. I love it.

Today and tomorrow are my last days of vacation. This has truly been an overall good one. It has been awhile since I had a good stay-cation. And this has been. Lots of time at home organizing, making art, scrapbooking at my LSS, knitting, time with Cary and family, Wii, just a fun break from reality.

As I get ready to go back to work and in a few weeks start back at the college, I am still percolating about my 5 Intentions for the New Year. My mini book is on hold until I can order a few more supplies this weekend. I think I have them narrowed down the most important things I want in my life this next year. I am finding that narrowing down the list is making me really think about things. I like it.

Today I am on a budget. So I'm thinking of taking a walk and looking at the ocean and the snow and then going to my favorite coffee shop and browsing in the used bookstore. Then I need to do some laundry and stuff around the apartment.

Before I sign's a funny picture....the pile of snow that accumulated on our balcony. It looks like a lot...we are on the 2nd floor and the complex is on a hill. But actually underneath all that our dead Christmas tree!

Happy Monday!

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