Saturday, January 2, 2010

cabin fever

Finished up my kitchen calendar project yesterday. Used my 7 Gypsies Artist's Printer tray and a Maya Road calendar pieces..and lots of stamps, stickers, cutouts, pop dots, etc. Had fun with it. Worked on each month separately and related the themes to what is going on in our life during that month...holidays, birthdays, anniversary, etc.

Here's a closeup...

It was nice staying in on New Year's Eve and Day but now I'm on day 2 of being home and I have major cabin fever. We are having a 2 day long snowstorm here in Massachusetts. Grrr. I was going to have friends over to scrap but now no-one can make it because of the weather. And Cary worked a 12-14 hour shift yesterday and today. So I'm home alone and going stir crazy! You would think with all these scrapbook and cardmaking supplies, internet, Wii, books to read....I wouldn't be bored. But I need some human contact!

Oh well. My focus for 2010 is ENJOY. So that is what I will try and do. I will leave you with another project I finished last night....a blue cable edged beret....

Happy Snow Day!


Rach H said...

I love the calendar- what a great idea!

Benita said...

Love how you altered the printer's tray! I have one of those, but haven't figured out what I wanna do with it yet. Great idea :)


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