Monday, September 14, 2009

monday gratitudes

My guy at his commissioning ceremony... I'm so proud of him!

Today I am grateful for...

  • men & women of the armed forces who make daily sacrifices
  • being able to see my guy get this promotion he has worked so hard for.
  • a nice day at work and a great class this afternoon.
  • the digital frame Cary gave me for my birthday.
  • the Cocoa Daisy kit club I joined for 3 months as a birthday present to myself ;)
  • the ability to walk
  • being home in my own apartment
  • kindness
  • mom's chocolate chip cookies
  • doctors reassurances
  • clean water
  • today

And speaking of the September Cocoa Daisy kit is AWESOME! I'm so excited to use the goodies...and look forward to my future kits!

Happy monday!

1 comment:

Sarah C. said...

What a beautiful list! :) Big congrats to Cary on his promotion!!


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