Saturday, August 29, 2009

be-lated gratitudes

So I have been an awful blogger. No updates in over a week! It has been a week that is for sure. Ups and downs. Good and bad! Instead of going into it all I will do my belated gratitude list!

Today I am grateful for:

1. My internet, phone and cable now working after being diconnected for 24 hours. That forced me to focus on other things...reading, movies, schoolwork, cleaning this apartment.

2. I can can see Cary's commissioning in a few weeks. It will be a quick trip and a long drive but I can do it.

3. I am prepared to start the semester next friday.

4. Two steady paychecks.

5. I had lunch with Mom and my brother yesterday and a shopping trip with my brother.

6. Money to buy the neccesities and a few treats.

7. Beef Stew cooking.

8. Blueberry Pie.

9. Messages from my sister.

10. Phone calls.

I'm hoping to try out the new supplies I bought last weekend on a few layouts or cards tomorrow. I have still not had the motivation to scrap...but I've been collecting ideas. All part of the creative process I guess. I have been knitting the baby sweater for my cousin while watching DVD's today. It is coming along... to enjoy my beef stew while the rain from Hurricane Danny comes down outside.

Happy Saturday!

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