Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today I:

  • am a little one is available to scrap tonight.
  • visited my family and Dad gave me a pepper plant and a tomato plant.
  • ran out of dirt to plant my new plants :(
  • sat outside to read on my balcony...One for the Money by J. Evanovich.
  • slept in.
  • walked the boulevard.
  • am missing Cary.
  • am enjoying my Peonies from Trader Joe's.
  • am looking forward to my LYS's knitting circle tomorrow.
  • borrowed Season 1 of Breaking Bad from my brother.
  • organized my clothes.

Feeling a little bored and lonely today. Restless. Had a nice visit with my family. Talked for awhile with my dad and watched tv with my mom for a bit. Chatted with my brother and sister. The apartment feels very empty today. Cary's back tomorrow but then leaving again later this week. How am I going to go 2 months? I have to get it together! How do women make it through a year + deployment? I know it will get easier. I am someone who has so many hobbies and interests that I love spending time alone. I have always loved it. But today it is feeling very alone...

1 comment:

toners said...

I can't imagine not seeing my hubby for that long...the longest mine has been away was 10 days, and it was tough for our whole family...


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