Friday, June 19, 2009

rain, rain go away!

At least with all this rain...the flowers are still bright, they are getting watered and my apartment has been cleaned.

Had a nice visit with my family last night after going to my Yoga class. I hadn't been to that class in a little over a year. It made me reflect on how much has changed in the past much has happened good and challenging.

Tonight I am going to the Relay-for-Life in the rain. I'm only going for a few hours...I didn't officially join my friends team but offerred support at all the recent fundraising events with my time.

I'm really missing Cary today....still haven't been able to talk to him and it's been a week. Boo!

It could be worse...

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

Beautiful photo. Send the rain my way! I'd love to see rain! :)

Thinking about you while hubby is away.


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