Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day

I think I have posted this picture before. It is an old picture I scanned in of my Dad holding me when I was a baby. I love it. My mother tells me that every day when he came home from work he would immediately want to hold me and play with me as I got older. I just got to spend a nice Father's Day with my Dad and family. He really is one of my favorite people in this world. I'm so lucky he is my Dad. I gave him some drawing supplies. He is an amazing artist and hasn't done any pen & ink drawings since before I was born or I was little. He's a very creative person but hasn't been able to find the time to do that hobby. I'm hoping he'll take some time out to draw. He is the hardest working person I know.

I got to do some knitting while watching tv with my mom. I am so close to finishing my first sweater but I made a big mistake (dropped stitches, etc) and we couldn't fix it. I thought I'd bring it to the LYS tuesday and get some help. But I played around with it when I got home and I think I have it fixed. But before I knit further I want to make sure. So...the finishing of the sweater will have to wait. Boo!

But now I can start my sister's Christmas present...

See here for the pattern. This photo is from that site...I am making her the worsted weight version (the red-orange). Hers will be a nice muted olive-y green.

So I might start that tonight. While I watch some more seasons of Weeds. I'm loving that show and it's a distraction. There are parts about being alone I'm liking but for the most part I'm lonely. 47 more days til he's home. I haven't been able to talk to him in 9 days. Too long.

Enough feeling sorry for myself....I'm a lucky person today.
I'm off to knit!

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