Tuesday, May 26, 2009

weekend in Maine

I've been an absent blogger...but I've been having a wonderful, fun weekend in Presque Isle, Maine visiting Cary's family and friends. Here's some pictures from our weekend...

First off...on Thursday, before we left for Maine we attended my little sister's college graduation. Here she is with my parents.

And me and my my mom and sister...I look like such a geek in pictures!

In Maine we stayed with friends and this is their new puppy "Emma" a puggle. She was so cute!

Alien land? No...it's Northern Maine! The fields looked so cool with the huge sky overhead.

My first moose sighting. Since meeting Cary I have been going up to that area for 3 years and have never seen one! This one was a teenager...shedding his winter fur.

Presque Isle, ME

The barns, old and new, are so beautiful. History and hard work.

"Midnight." Cary's dad's old dog. A HUGE black lab. He's getting tired but still has a little puppy-ness in him.

It was a great weekend! I didn't want to come back. But now it's back to the regular grind. Cary is still prepping for OCS and has to postpone job hunting til he gets back so he is around more which is nice.
Well...off to work!

Happy Tuesday!


Sarah C. said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! You look so pretty. :) Fun photos - I've never seen a moose in person.

toners said...

Very cool! Your family looks very proud! Super moose photo too :)


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