Sunday, May 31, 2009


A beautiful, windy and sunny day. Took some time to sit outside on my balcony and read. Waiting to see some hummingbirds at my feeder. But none yet. Also took some time to work on an Easter layout. Tried to just go with it and not think it out too much. I tend to do that sometimes and have trouble trying new things. So I just went with it. Not the best picture...but here it is...used ribbons, patterned paper, a ghost butterfly accented with pearlescent acrylic and some buttons.

Here's the baby card I made yesterday. They loved the sweater I knitted....I was so proud of it!

Having a relaxed, lazy day at home with Cary before he goes off to S. Maine overnight in prep for his early a.m. physical for the Army. One of his last preparations before he leaves for the summer in a few weeks. He even made me blueberry panckakes today...which is his specialty!
Now we are off in a few to take a walk and get some dinner before he leaves...
Happy Sunday!


scrapperjen said...

Love your flower pots. Beautiful card!
Hope you have a fantastic week!

toners said...

What terrific photos :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend together!


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