Thursday, February 5, 2009

positives to focus on

In an effort to try and remain more positive despite ongoing stressors at's a list I brainstormed in the Journaling Group I run...

Positives in my life to focus on:
  1. I started a basic cable knit scarf last night and am amazed to say "I can cable knit!" It was easier than I thought!
  2. Beautiful, soft, red yarn to knit with...
  3. Flowers on the kitchen table from Cary.
  4. We have an involved exterminator working on the problem.
  5. The "hard" work to prep is behind us for the most part. Now I have to patiently wait...
  6. The box of stuff in the middle of the living room gives me a foot rest!
  7. We still have our pictures and paintings up on the walls.
  8. My "garden" of house plants actually looks beautiful all grouped together in the living room.
  9. I can cook and bake this weekend.
  10. Cary has been so sweet during all my melt-downs and so level headed.
  11. We could afford to do the prep needed to be more successful in this situation.
  12. I am looking into getting a new camera.
  13. There is only 1 (and a 1/2) work days left in the week.
  14. Today at work should be somewhat low-key.
  15. My car title came in the mail yesterday.
  16. The sun is out.
  17. My parent's are both here and healthy.

I really need to focus on this list today...

I hope to work on my last 2 weeks of Emily Falconbridge's 52Q. Unfortunately because my camera isn't working and I don't have access to my scanner I won't be able to post them for awhile. At first that has been slowing me down on actually doing them. But that shouldn't be a reason. I have dug out a few art supplies and there is no reason I can't work on them even though I can't post them here or on the Flickr Group! So...I will work on them over the next few days....along with my knitting which has been a blessing to be able to do when I get home to the chaos at night. I really have to look at my could be worse.


Benita said...

Great list of positive thoughts! I hope that things start looking up for you with your situation! Hang in there.

toners said...

Great way to look at things, Emily :)


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