Tuesday, February 3, 2009

new projects

Following the "yarn tragedy" of the weekend (see Sunday's post) I bought myself yarn for two projects today. I likely won't get reimbursed for the yarn I lost (I estimate to be about $200+) because I don't have renter's insurance. After some yelling. and tears. I am ready to start over in the knitting department.

I plan on trying a beginner's cable knit scarf with this (Baby lama by Elsebeth Lavold in peony)....

and a simple, easy, chunky ribbed scarf with this (Cascade Bulky Leisure in Rainy Day...a pretty gray and blue gradation - #9910 in this picture)...

I'm looking forward to casting on and doing something relaxing. I just got back from the little gym for 1/2 hour. It is snowing out and windy so it was a little tricky just walking over there.

All of our belongings are still in trash bags and ziplocks. No telling how long this will be. The exterminator comes back for an inspection tomorrow and a follow up treatment on 2/18. I have instructions for Cary to ask him more questions tomorrow. Like...."when/how we should go about opening our bags of inspected items to best expose any possible "stow-a-ways" we missed to the chemicals he's treated the apartment with". I'm wondering if we should do it before his next treatment or after. There are no easy, simple answers.

I hate that.

I just don't want to have to through this whole "inspecting & bagging everything I own" again anytime soon. I want to have this done. and done right. But I walso want to get back to some normalcy when the exterminator thinks that is possible. I just want to be able to setup my scrapbook/art desk again and get back to working on projects. That is what's bothering me the most.

Tomorrow night I have to go to a wake with my Dad. The president of a family/company I worked for passed away. My father also did some work for the same family. It is a very sad situation. He was only 59 years old. Way too young. Certainly humbles me to the ridiculous issues that have been occupying my mind for the past month.

Well...I'm off to "cast-on" a project or two and take the rest of the night off...


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scrapperjen said...

I didn't know you knitted too! :D Cool...can't wait to see your scarf. HUGS on the lost yarn...
I hope things settle down for you soon.


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