Monday, February 9, 2009

monday gratitudes

Monday gratitude.

Monday seems like a good day to think for a minute about what I'm grateful for at this moment.

  • the Tuxedo Hot Chocolate I had from the Lone Gull this morning on the way to work.
  • having a few minutes to cast-on a new project this morning before heading out.
  • a relatively quiet night (last night) to sleep.
  • tonight's class I teach is one I really enjoy.
  • my cell phone is charged up and this makes me feel secure driving home.
  • I finished the main work projects I needed to get done today.
  • saturday is Valentine's Day.
  • I have good, caring co-workers.
  • kind blog comments.
  • messages on facebook from friends and far-away family.
  • m&m's
  • american subs
  • warm sun on a cold Boston day
  • feeling loved

Have a good Monday!


toners said...

What a great list, Emily - particularly for a Monday, when it's easy to be a bit negative :)

scrapperjen said...

Wonderful! That sounds like a GREAT way to start a week. I will have to try to do that.
Have a great week!


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