Saturday, February 7, 2009


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I'm a scrapbooker. and a cardmaker. but I am finding getting more into my knitting over the past week has really helped me refocus and relax while all this junk has been going on. Since it is hard to get into all my paper craft supplies I needed an outlet. Knitting has been that. After losing all my yarn stash last week I have started to rebuild. And it's easy for me to do with all that's happening in the apartment because I just need my little ziploc with the yarn and project stored inside. That's it. No digging around for supplies. No worries that my scrap desk is dissasembled. I can just grab my ziploc and knit.

I started a pretty red easy cable knit scarf. I have never tried cable knit and thought it might be too hard. The woman at my local yarn shop gave me the pattern and it really is easy! It is the first complicated pattern that I have not needed my mom's help on. The other night I messed up a few times but the good part was that (1) I recognized the mistakes and (2) knit back -even with the cables- and fixed the mistake. That is big for me. Mistakes have traditionally frustrated me and made me rip out projects and start over. Not this time!

And I'm so inspired by all the projects out there. I'm looking for something fun to do with one of the hanks of yarn that my co-worker gave me. I'm not very good at doing the math to see how much yarn you need for a project though without the yarn store owner's help! But I might try and figure that out to. It is something I have really wanted to learn so that I don't need as much help. I have been noticing these cool neckwarmers...

I want to try one.

And loads of cute little knit animals and objects...

How fun!

I needed this outlet with everything going on. I'm loving it. Unfortunately though since my camera is still broken I can't upload photos. But thank goodness for Flickr and mosaic makers! Then I won't bore everyone with un-colorful blog entries!

Have a good Saturday! I'm determined to...


scrapperjen said...

I hope you had a good Saturday (and Sunday). Knit, knit! :) Good for you - I think it's a good stress reliever.

Heather said...

Cute stuff! I love the bunnies! I am a knitter too but mostly things that are straight. I am afraid of increasing and decreasing and all those other tricky things! My sister is a far superior knitter than I.


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