Friday, February 20, 2009


Some pieces of good news today...

1. Re: the apartment and it's issue...the leasing office informed us they will be reimbursing us for the $400 we spent prepping for the treatments. They also gave us a generous gift certificate to a local restaurant yesterday for our troubles. That is definately changing my feelings about thier

2. I finished my Bainbridge Scarf last night and am wearing it today! Yeah! Oh how I wish my camera was working so you could see it. I'm hoping to take a pict of it with my Dad's camera this weekend. It is so cute!

3. I wont 2 ski lift tickets to a Mt. in NH through my work! Cary has never skiied and is a little worried about the cost of staying up there for a night but he is almost to the point of agreeing to do it! Yeah! I love skiing and we could SO use a night away from here.

4. My student's are doing presentations today...which means I don't have to lecture! So I get to "sit back and watch" today! Oh how the tables are turned ;)

5. Today is friday...that is a very good thing.

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

scrapperjen said...

Fridays ARE good days! :) I'm glad to hear you have had some good news - you more than deserve it. I can't wait to see your scarf.


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