Friday, January 9, 2009

home alone

Trader Joe's tulips and one of my colorful Target dish towels as a mini table runner.

Cary left for guard this a.m so to avoid loneliness and spend some time with my brother we went out for the day. We went to Target, he went to the video game store, had lunch, etc. Had a really nice day. And I didn't spend much. Which was my goal. Aside from the flowers I got some soap, and kitchen stuff I needed in Target and a set of fun, colored dishtowels. Then I went to the grocery store and only went $7 over my grocery budget (between the grocery store and Trader Joe's). It is still a lot for groceries though. I really need to do a little better. I still get things at the store and then realize they are tucked in the back of my pantry. Grr. I hate that. I bought Canola Oil and realized we have two other containers of it I didn't know we had! Grr. These sorts of things are what put me over my budget.

Earlier today I also emailed out my group of friends to see if anyone was up for scrapping tonight. They are all relatively new to scrapping and I usually scrap alone. But I'm lonely and thought, Hey? Why not? But, because it is last minute, no-one can make it. Two may be able to stop by tomorrow afternoon though.

So tonight, I'm by myself. This usually doesn't bother me. I usually look forward to time to myself to do whatever. But not this time for some reason I'm lonely. I feel like I did when Cary and I lived 400 miles apart. When he or I would go home after a visit I felt empty-like. Not because I can't be alone (I was alone for many, many long years) but because I missed him. But since he's lived here I have had an easier time when he leaves for guard. So I don't know what is different this time. I don't even want to analyze myself and try to figure out why. It is what it is. But it has been a fun, long day and I'm tired so I might scrap the scrapping idea for the night and watch some tv or read instead.

Tomorrow a.m. I think I'm going to the movies to see a "chick flick" with my mom and sister. Can't wait! Also need to find my dad a birthday present. Still no luck.

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Noelia said...

I hope your evening was relaxing. I don't like being alone either. When my hubby is away for business, it feels like forever until he comes back but with 2 kids times are never dull here and I always find something to keep me busy. What movie are you going to watch? I'm in need of a chick flick!


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