Monday, December 15, 2008

our 1st tree

our tree this morning

Our 1st official tree. This is our 3rd Christmas but only our second Christmas where we will be in the same place on Christmas and last year we didn't get a tree. I just had my little trees up. This is our tree now. We finally got it last night. What a project. Between Saturday and Sunday I went to 5 stores to find a tree stand! 5. And almost as many stores to find a tree topper! Yesterday I found a tree topper. A star. It's ok. It will do for this year but I don't love it. It isn't up yet. That will be Cary's job when he gets up! He did the lights and I put up the ornaments last night and this a.m. I love it! I grew up having white lights and for a few years on my own always had white lights. Truthfully they are what I usually prefer. But this is our tree. Colored lights are Christmas to Cary. So this is my first tree with colored lights. I'm adjusting and they are pretty.

stringing lights - teases when I take pictures..."no press, no press!"

Today I'm making Gingerbread men. By request. Cary was so looking forward to them yesterday but I ran out of time. After did take 4 stores yesterday between looking for a tree stand and tree topper! the apartment smells awesome with the scent of gingerbread! That has to be one of my favorite Christmas smells...right up there with pine trees. We will decorate them yesterday. Cary was telling me a story he remembers from when he was little and was in boy scouts. He remembers taking all kinds of time decorating a gingerbread man cookie with candies and frosting. And then he remembers leaving boy scouts that day and forgetting his cookie. He was so dissapointed and still remembers it! So today he can have his share of 13 of them!

Hoping to catch up on some blogs today. Working on a suprise scrapbook for Cary and finishing the knitted dishclothes for my mom (still have 2 1/2 to go!)....I might not finish!

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Sweet Pete said...

I love your tree!! It's so sweet. And those gingerbread men look so yummy. mmmm!

Don't worry about the tree topper, it's been 5 years since my fav. glass topper died a horrible crash to the tile death. I haven't found one that I love. So we have this cheesy silver star. It's alright, Phoenix (our son) thinks it's real silver and that it's worth a lot of money. heehee I guess that's where childhood memories are made of and then when one is 30 at the dinner table with their parents remembering their favorite holiday when Mom bursts your bubble and says "that old ugly star? It wasn't an antique, I got it at Walmart on clearance for five bucks". LOL

(btw, I'm glad to be back in blogger land, I've missed you all!)


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