Wednesday, December 17, 2008

an everyday day

  • It snowed! but then! Came out of work to find my car encased in a sheet of ice.
  • Was a busy day at work.
  • I'm looking forward to more snow on Friday.
  • I'm enjoying the lights of the Christmas tree.
  • Baking Cary's family chocolate chip cookies for my co-workers and us.
  • I'm playing hookie from running or the gym. Went Monday and yesterday and today I'm hurting!
  • I'm looking forward to a knitting group tomorrow night at my local yarn shop focused on finishing Christmas presents!
  • Is Top Chef! I love that show.
  • Means one more day of work. I'm loving this short work-week stuff during semester break!
  • I'm feeling more relaxed than I have been.
  • I'm feeling loved!

1 comment:

scrapperjen said...

Sounds like a great day (except for the ice)! :)


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