Sunday, November 16, 2008

projects around the house

Todays projects:

Tried to get a head start some of the steps requested by the apt mngmt for next Wednesday's extermination. We don't have a problem but another apt does and it's a precaution...but it is so much work. Finally felt settled and now everything is all over the place again! Oh well.

Washed the shower. Don't want to do to much 'cause I'll have to wash everything again after the extermination.

Planted this...

(of course it won't look like that for a few weeks. right now it looks like a pot full of dirt with an onion sticking out of it.)

Also planted these...

Got the two kits for around $7 each at Target. Watch out if you plant the paperwhites. The kit comes with a little disk and you add water to it to "make" the dirt. The box says, "add 3-4 cups of water." That worked perfect for the Amaryllis but with the Paperwhites I ended up with a bowl full of muddy water. Then I notice on the inside of the box a sticker that says to add much less water to that disc because it is you tell me! Luckily I had a bag of potting mix I could use!

Started a new knitting project I saw in the Winter 2009 Artful Blogging. A Waffle Knit Dishcloth from this blog. Thinking of making a few for my mom for Christmas. Seems like a quick project and a little more interesting than the 80 scarves I still have on the needles!

Organized my knitting basket. Put all unfinished projects and yarn together in gallon size ziplocks.

Now I think I might do a layout or two!

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