Saturday, November 15, 2008

life's curveballs

thoughts-oil pastel on paper 11.11.08

Life's little curveballs. I got home from a long day yesterday to a letter from the apartment management. Someone's apartment has a case of the bedbugs and they are exteminating the entire building this wednesday as a precaution. Yuck. The letter goes on to describe how on Tuesday I have to take everything out of the (3) closets, out from under the bed, dressers, nightstands, bathroom vanity, etc. AND how we can't be in the apartment for 4 hours after treatment. Which can occur anywhere between the hours of 11 and 5. Nevermind the fact that I don't know what the poisons can do to you? Can't be healthy.

After recieving this letter I went to pick up Chinese food for Cary and I. A relaxing night in trying to forget about all that has to be done this week.
At least that's what I thought.
But... on my way back from picking up food my nice little Honda Civic (which has 3 car payements left on it incidently) was crashed into by a tourist pulling a u-turn in an odd place. It had to be towed.
I have no car. Grrr.
I am thankful no-one was injured but Grrr. It isn't looking like I have any option of having a car until at least Monday. I don't have rental insurance. I have to wait for the guy to file a claim. It was his fault and the police confirmed this for me. Hopefully that doesn't become an issue. When you are driving straight ahead you don't expect the car on your right to suddenly turn left into the front end of your car!

I am trying to stay calm and positive. I'm dissappointed because tomorrow a.m. I was supposed to get together at my high school art teacher's studio out of town. I haven't seen he in years and she is my mentor and one of my favorite people. We will have to reschedule. I don't know how to drive Cary's truck and he has to work. Boo.
Trying to stay positive I will try to avoid doing the massive work here and scrap instead. Or do something creative. Thanks for listening. I am deterimined to have some positive news or at least some projects to post next!


Lily said...

I'm so sorry. seems you are having a string of bad luck. look on the bright can only get better, right?!?!?

toners said...

Oh Emily, I'm so sorry...why is it that these things all seem to happen one after another...I bet things will get better really soon!! (((hugs))) to you!


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