Tuesday, October 7, 2008

lucky week

So far this has been a lucky week for me!

Yesterday I had lunch with an old student and it was wonderful! So nice to have a great conversation with a girl who I know will be an awesome art therapist someday. She is currently applying to grad school and I am positive she will do great. I'm proud to be a part of her training.

Also, yesterday I got word that Cary and I won the "early bird" raffle at our apartment complex...every month if you pay your rent early you can enter. That means $100 off our rent next month! I feel like I won the lottery.

Then today, randomly while cooking dinner I got a call from a job contact I made almost a year ago. Originally I had applied for a part-time Activities Asst at a local nursing home. I did so knowing I was very overqualified for that position but I wanted to see what opportunities might be available. Obviously, I couldn't take that job at the pay rate, etc. they offered. However, at the time the Director was very interested in seeing how he might be able to incorporate my art therapy skills and experience if he could get budget approval.

Well...fast forward almost a year and he called today.

The person in that original position left for a full-time position. There is new upper mgmt and he said he is very possibily going to be able to advocate to pay for my services! And...he said if that isn't possible there is another home in the same system nearby that may be able too if he can't. Awesome! The elderly is a population I did internships with and really always saw myself working with eventually. Cross your fingers! The hours would be a few less than I have currently but if they could at least match my current pay I think the change would be well worth it.

I have been working on building up my endurance running on the treadmill. I'm following a run/walk training schedule. This week I'm up to: walk 2 min, run 9 min, repeat 3 times. It is getting easier! I'm so excited. This has been a very long term goal of mine.

Well...we will see what else the week brings!

I'm looking forward to getting the summer pictures I ordered through scrapbookpictures.com. I got a few enlargements to frame. I also got some photos developed for a small mini-album that will be "the summer in review." I'm excited...full of ideas from Ali's new book that I got this weekend.

Off to read some blogs and download some running music for my ipod...


Sarah C. said...

What a great week! Congrats on the early bird win and the possible job offer. Sounds like a good fit. And big kudos on the workout endurance!

I tagged you on my blog HERE :)

toners said...

Fabulous news about your rent win AND about the job! Keep us all posted :)


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