Saturday, September 6, 2008

bad, wierd day

So my day yesterday started on a very bad note.

I was driving into Boston. Nervous because I had my first class of the semester to teach at noon. I'm on 93S and a guy started making strange gestures to me in my rearview. I was thinking "What the heck?!" He kept doing it. Then a another woman did.

I had a flat tire.

At that point I was in no position to pull over. I was at a stretch right before my exit that has no break down lane. So I took my exit for Storrow Drive and found a small peice of breakdown lane. Before and after where I stopped there is nothing. Traffic was backed up and I was freaking out! For anyone familiar with (a) Boston rush hour and (b) Storrow know this was not a good setup. So I call AAA.

Thank God for AAA.

It is the best money I spend! They put me on a "priority list" because of my location...which by-the-way was difficult to explain to the dispatcher. Then I get a call from the state police trying to clarify where I was...they were not so friendly. Traffic started picking up again and cars were flying by me and then slamming on the brakes just ahead where the traffic was backed up. Fun. I am a worrier and a cryer. I was trying not to do both! The tow truck came and then 2 cops. They towed me to the end of the ramp where he could change my tire. I can change a tire but not under those circumstances! So...alls-well-that-ends-well. I got to school in time for class and it went ok.

It messed up my fun plans after work though. Driving 50mph max on a donut will do that to you. My garage wasn't going to be open when I got done. I had planned to go to a mall with a Sephora a little ways away. Change of plans! I stopped at a few stores on the way home. On my route. Got a few birthday treats. First I got this (plus another for 1/2 off) FAVORITE fall candle...

Stopped at Michael's for a larger scalloped square punch and got some fallish things for a table centerpeice. I was feeling inspired by all the fall leaf colors everywhere....

Closeup of the bird and nest. They had these cute tiny bird nests attached to a real stick (I really couldn't just gotten one out of my parent's yard and saved the $...but "oh well!")
A kind of odd/funny end to my day. Last night I'm sleeping and I was woken up in a wierd way. We have a big window at the head of our bed and a slider door in the living room. At night we keep both open to get a cross breeze. Our apartment is on the top floor and the complex is on a hill so we get some nice breezes/wind at night. was breezy and raining! I got rained on in my sleep! It was kind of funny!

Later today I'm hoping to...

  • do some layouts
  • try out my new scalloped punches on a few cards
  • cook stuffed peppers for my parents who are coming by for dinner
  • prep for the remnants of the hurricane we are getting tomorrow
  • grocery shopping
  • clean the house a little
  • maybe by some chocolates at my favorite chocolate shop!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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toners said...

Oh Emily, that must have been so scary! We lived in Boston for a year and I know the area you're talking about - yikes! Glad that you got out of there safely :) Great fall goodies!


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