Friday, June 6, 2008


My scrap stash. I've been really trying to use pieces from this and be creative in cards lately...instead of cutting up new sheets of paper. Just looking into the box...colors, patterns, shapes inspires me some days. I needed a little extra creative boost because I wasn't really feeling it earlier. But I did manage to make the two cards I set out to...

For my supervisor's birthday...and...

For my mom...its funny...thier birthdays are the same day. June 11th!

I've managed to get a lot done today...
  • Muscle conditioning class at the gym at 9am. I am still aching from the class on wednesday. Now I hurt even more! I really need to get back on track. I am kicking my own #%@!
  • Grocery shopping. Managed to get a few things I needed...not a major shopping trip. I stocked up on some fruit (strawberries, blueberries and grapes) and veggies...along with a few treats. Newman's lemonade, Tostitos chips w/lime..hmmm...with Newman's hot salsa. My favorite! I really have liked every Paul Newman's product I've tried. I highly recommend them all...especially the steak sauce. I'm having that later with my dinner.
  • Cleaned the apartment...floors, shower, dishes, etc.
  • Washing the chair slipcover, 2 throw rugs and seeing if I can wash one of my larger rugs. If not I'll toss it. I've had it for years and it is a little worn out. I've been meaning to do these chores for months.
  • Made the 2 cards
  • Sat at the coffee place after the gym and worked on the research proposal, etc for class. to drive my sister to meet her friends. Then cooking my supper and watching a movie. I rented P.S. I Love You. A true chic flick while Cary is away. Also rented a disc of Arrested Development Season 3. I LOVE that show! It makes me laugh out loud which I have heard I might need after watching P.S. I Love You. Why am I watching something that will make me cry when I'm home alone?



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Sarah C. said...

Hope you had a great time at the beach today! Definitely enjoy a fun day off after all of that productivity yesterday. Love the cards. I need to sit down and do that with some of my scraps. tfs! :)


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