Sunday, May 18, 2008


Here's one layout so far today. Took me forever! Used Heidi Swapp chipboard letters. Originally white. First I chalked with green. Then brown. Then decided they weren't dark enough so colored them with Sharpie! Indecision is my worst enemy.

This is the first time I've used the Queen & Co. felt and I really liked it. I cut off a lot of leaves before sticking it down...seemed to busy for me. I used some Queen & Co. sequin flowers I got at CKC and some Making Memories rhinestone brads. Both of these supplies are favorites and I was excited to stock up on more at a good price at CKC.

This isn't my fave layout of all time...but I put a lot of feeling into it. It went in a direction different than I intended with these photos. Long story full of family drama, but this morning, with my mom, I was looking at her disc...yes disc.... of her family when she was a kid. That disc is all she has as far as family "photos" (she didn't get the originals) and the only real heirloom to speak of. She's joking about framing it, hanging it on her wall with a label saying "family photos." journaling took a different spin on this layout. unintentional mistake in the sub-title (Irish Freckle Bread)...yeah...not paying attention I stamped the "e" sideways! Oh's quirky!

Today I also came across my baby doll and blanket from childhood..."Picky" and "My Tuddy." I loved those things! I will take a photo and show you all later. "Tuddy" is being washed and "Picky" needed her face washed...she hasn't aged well!
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