Friday, May 16, 2008

a nice afternoon

Just got back from the movies. The new Narnia movie was really good! A lot more fighting scenes than the first one but still very good. Great special effects. Since being back I just wolfed down three peices of Dominos Pizza. I was starving apparantly.

This picture is one I took this afternoon. I really wish I had a nice camera. I just have a point and shoot that I've had for years. But I'm practicing with it. This flower is in my parent's yard. There are only two blossoms and they are so bright against all the greens of their leaves and the leaves of the day lillies that will be out in a few months. I took a lot of flower pictures...more of the violets and some of the (still) tightly closed lilacs. Our lilac trees are very tall so they are taken from an odd perspective looking up at them. I will post more photos tomorrow. Next, I'm off to read my new CK magazine that just came in the mail. Perfect for the chilly, rainy night. I'm worn playing with my new loot tonight I guess. Cary is playing his World of Warcraft game tonight. He plays on Friday nights with his friends from home (Maine). For anyone not familiar, it's an online game and actually a lot of fun. He loves it and for him it gives him a chance to "see" friends...he's been homesick (his version of it anyway - he would never admit to the typical "homesickness"!)...

Well anyhow...Have a nice night!
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toners said...

What a pretty flower! Enjoy your CK and have a terrific weekend :)


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