Thursday, May 8, 2008

little known facts about me

Two Peas Challenge~ Share something about yourself that people may not know about you.

Here's are a few:
  • I figure skated for over 10 years as a kid. Even had a single axle for awhile and started working on a double salchow.
  • I grew up going to "the races." Car races. Supermodifieds. But among the "big guys" in Nascar...I grew up on Dale Earnhardt and Jr. is my favorite.
  • I'm the oldest of three kids. I'm older than my sister by 8 yrs and older than my brother by 10.
  • I met my guy two years ago through eharmony and had a very good experience with that website. He's my match.
  • I was afraid of dogs as a kid. Now I love them!
  • I was an RA for 2 yrs in college for international students and for 1 year in grad school for freshmen.
  • I have the worst guilty conscious ever.

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

I've only ever known one figure skater...such a beautiful sport!

I wish my sis would find a guy, eHarmony...I'll have to suggest that!


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