Tuesday, March 25, 2008

roses and stuff

I took this photo the other day. It's a rose Cary brought home for me. I've been really trying to practice taking close-up photos. I've always liked taking landscapes - but close-ups and people -not my specialty! I only have a regular old basic digital camera but it works for what I do. I kind of like how this turned out. I have been reading tips on blogs and online and took it in the window when it was sunny so it didn't get all washed out by the flash. The rose is such a gorgeous shade of red-orange and I loved it against my old, white window frame. Hmm...I'd love to save a little $$ and buy a "real" camera...sigh...

Two Peas Blog Challenge~ Are you the type of person who needs a new item in your hot little hands from a store or will you order online and wait for the item?

In general, I'm someone who likes to see the thing for myself. I'm a visual person and usually the little picture on the screen doesn't do it for me. And with clothes...unless I already own the exact same item, who knows if it will fit?! With scrapbook supplies I always look online but have never ordered online. I like to take my time browsing in my LSS and getting ideas before I decide. The only thing I really buy online is books occassionally and I started buying some Christmas gifts from Amazon. Stuff like DVD's, books, CD's because I often find it's cheaper.

But....there is something about getting a package in the mail mixed in with bills and junk! I have started ordering photos online and love getting them! So...I may change my tune.


Heather said...

I love those roses too. I am like you when it comes to being visual. However, I LOVE getting packages in the mail so shopping online isn't a problem for me! Oh, and I like the peeps in a puddle. I'm not a peeps fan but maybe dipped in chocolate I would!

Ashley said...

I'm with you, I don't usually order scrapbook supplies online but I do order my photos online and love getting them in the mail.

Pretty rose!


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