Wednesday, March 26, 2008

calm before the storm?

I love Wednesday mornings. The are slower and more relaxed. I don't have to be at the college until 12:30 so I don't leave home until around 11/11:30. Depends if I buy myself a sub for my lunch/supper. I like to treat myself once a week! I have a busy day once I get there today. The semester is winding down. The internship class I teach tonight will result in a LOT of work for me...they are turning in the completed rough drafts of thier theses. Oh goody! They have been doing section drafts up til now but haven't always been on top of the revisions. So this next hour may be my last hour of peacefullness for a bit! I have SO much work to do in the coming weeks. For my own classes, currently in Psych testing (boring) and prepping to try and do an independent study this summer to fulfill my last licensure req (research - even more boring). And at the college. I have to do a mini-class lecture for accepted students and then their parents. I am so nervous about that. Not the student part - the parent part! I will be glad when this first year of teaching is behind me and I feel more confident and at least know the basics to expect! to appreciate my last hour of relaxation for likely the remainder of the day (at least until 8pm when I crash exhausted!)

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Heather said...

Hope your day goes well. I was always nervous about talking to parents too. I could get up in front of my class and perform like there's no tomorrow but I was always a bundle of nerves with parents!


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