Saturday, March 29, 2008


So. I'm almost halfway through the piles of work I have to do this weekend. The extent of my creative endeavors this weekend is the powerpoint I just made for a mini-class I have to teach on Art Therapy to accepted students and thier parents next Saturday. Now, I am starting the Cognitive-Behavior powerpoint for my Intro class's lecture this Friday. Haven't begun reading the thick stack of theses drafts yet.

Tonight I promised I'd help set up for the Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser a friend organized for the Relay-for-Life team she formed. For those who don't know Relay-for-Life events are held all over and thier goal is raising money for cancer. In my city at least, many of the teams that form do events to raise more money leading up to the actual relay event in June. I'm supposed to be on this team but to be honest I'm feeling overwhelmed with obligations. I did make some cheescake lemon squares this a.m. before getting to work. Those will be sold at tonight's event also. So I have contributed I guess. to do some more work and hopefully get outside and take a walk on this gorgeous sunny, Massachusetts day. Cary is finally awake and maybe he'll join me. He keeps commenting on my current "serious face" while I'm typing and working away!


jill said...

Wow you're busy! Hope you're able to take a break and enjoy the beautiful weather.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh this is the second blog I've read today about Relay for Life!!!
I don't know about you girl.. but it IS sunny in NH but FREEZING!!!! AHHH I hate it.. I can't wait til we can dig ourselves out!! and enjoy spring!!


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