Sunday, March 30, 2008


After finishing my work this morning I took a walk. I know it sounds cheesy but I really felt like I was taking in everything with all of my senses. Maybe because I needed to. I've been feeling overwhelmed. Pulled in different directions. I needed this hour to just be. Here's what I noticed...

Scents: Smokey smell of burning brush and leaves. Dirt. A smell I can only describe as Spring that brought me back to flashbacks of playing outside as a kid when the only obstacle was the "pricker" bushes (thorns) in the way.

Sights: A cardinal. Robins. Rows of Cedar trees along the road. Bright blue sky behind the black, leafless trees of early Spring. Stone walls. A funny, perfectly round rock that is in my family's front yard.

Touches: Warm, bright sun on my back. Sting of the wind on my face. Cold hands. An old Golden Retriever's fur as he went by on his walk.

Sounds: Birds that I start to really notice this time of year. The sound of the tide going out under the bridge. Airplanes - seemed to be lots of them today. Windchimes that remind me of Grammy's House. Wind in the tall marsh grass.

Tastes: The cheescake lemon square I'm about to eat!

Although I've been taking in lots of ideas and inspirations, I'm not feeling very inspired or energetic to do any layouts, cards, or drawing. I bought charcoal and paper a few weeks ago and haven't opened the packages. I think I'm just in the gathering ideas mode. Maybe I will later and will post if I come up with anything! I'm a perfectionist and a gatherer. Sometimes I have too many ideas and I freeze and don't start anything. But I'm going to let myself off the hook and just let my thoughts go.

The Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser set up went well but from what my friends said there wasn't a very good turnout. A little money was still raised though I'm not sure who will be eating all that leftover sauce, salad and desserts! Cary and I left after set-up so we could go out to dinner and a movie for his birthday. His real birthday is Wednesday but I have class and he will be working so last night was our chance to celebrate. We went to Bugaboo Creek - his favorite. Then saw The Superhero Movie (like Scary Movie). Completely stupid humor. I thought parts were funny in a ridiculous way. He actually fell asleep. That's usually my role! Well off to read some blogs, have a treat and maybe get around to reading the theses paper pile I have. Hey...I did finish all my other work I set out to do...

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