Monday, June 16, 2014

monday vent...and some layouts

View of the pond across from our condo
I originally intended to write this blog entry at 9 this morning. I uploaded some recent pictures, sat at my desk, and then the HVAC guy came to look at our leaking unit. Ugh. We have owned our condo for two years this July. We had some trouble with the AC last year and the first quote we received we were told we would need to replace the entire unit due to the exterior unit having heavy rust damage because of where they were located in the condo complex. My husband was away in El Salvador for National Guard AT so I had to make all these decisions alone. I got a second opinion and they suggested ust getting a few parts repaired for now.

Fast forward to this a.m.

I'm a researcher by nature. I want to know all there is to know about an issue so I can make an informed decision. But unfortunately, my nature stresses me out. We were told this a.m. we need to (at least) replace the exterior unit because 1/3 of the lower coils are rusted out. But because it runs on the type of freon that was outlawed in 2010 we have to replace the outer unit ASAP because they are no longer manufactured. If we don't we will need the entire unit and connectors replaced which will be very costly and complicated because of the set up of our condo townhome. Though from my research we might have to do this anyway since it seems in 2020 the freon used in our older unit will no longer be available.


We are just about to trade in our pick up truck and buy a much needed car. Both of ours are 10+ years old and need to be replaced. We don't want additional debt so we are trying to do that mostly loan free. But now the AC unit?


I'm trying very hard to accept. It is what it is. We will do what we have to and we will get by. It is just discouraging to each be working 2 jobs and still feel like we are just scraping by with a little extra for an occasional dinner out but not much more.

I would like to hit the "good news" lottery instead of the "bad news" variety.

I'm sure others can relate?!

Now that I have vented....I am going to try hard to switch gears and focus on what is good. I have some recent layouts I completed that I really like.

I've been inspired lately by layouts I've been seeing with a grid-like design with clusters of pattern paper "stacks." So I created this using the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan 6x6 pad and a few other random bits.

 I scraplifted this layout from one I pinned on pinterest by lilybee. I  documented some of my favorite books.
I wanted to try out the heavy marker lines for my journaling that I keep seeing others do...

some favorite books

I've been enjoying watching all the YouTube scrap process videos I can, browsing pinterest and blogs for inspiration. I don't usually use sketches but have found it refreshing. Changing things up a bit. I think I want to try some challenges too. Any scrapping challenges out there that you enjoy?

Thanks for reading:)


Emily Adams said...

Sorry about the repair stuff! It's annoying to never get ahead. When it rains, it pours!!

I really like the first layout with the grid pattern - really nice!

TL Marzewski said...

It really stinks when older units have to go! Hope you find a way to get it completed within your budget goals.

I love your grid layout. It turned out lovely! I also like your book page. Too cool!

Dennis Cannon said...

It's unfortunate that you had to experience such things. If there's a plus side, you're not in debt. So while you may not be that flexible, at least you're not digging yourselves into a deeper hole. I'd have to commend you for researching it first before actually formulating your future plans. I hope you can find a resolution to this quandry soon!

Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son Heating & Air-Conditioning

Henrietta Fuller said...

Yikes! Do you still have the AC unit up until now, or have you bought a new one already? Whichever the case is, I hope things are doing a lot better for you guys. Anyway, the photo layout you did looks lovely! I hope you continue making more. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling

Lane Pemberton said...

Some AC units don’t really last that long, and what’s irritating is that they are portrayed by their companies as damn-near indestructible. Anyway, I hope you had the AC unit repaired already, or have had it replaced with a better model. Good day!

Lane Pemberton @ Metcalfe Heating & Air Conditioning


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