Tuesday, May 20, 2014

little scrapper

This crazy little side-kick of mine has seemed to enjoy all things creative since she could walk and talk! A girl after my own heart! She loves paint and can focus on it for quite a long time for her age (2). As an art therapist it has been so much fun watching her learn and develop creatively. My husband has been saying that I should set her up with some scrapbook supplies and a few extra photos she can play with while I'm scrapbooking. This way I can have some time to do my hobby and she will be entertained...

I tried it out a few weeks ago and it worked! She sorted through some of my old supplies and played while I scrapped at the kitchen table. It was so fun. I have set up a little box of scrap papers for her to play with when I scrap. If I'm scrapping at my desk I give her that or she looks through my little dishes of diecuts and talks about the shapes she sees.

Speaking of scrapping...I got a lot of pages done this weekend! I will upload them and post about them later this week. I love summer when I have shorter work weeks because I'm not teaching at the college. I truly enjoy being at home, playing with Ellie, cleaning, cooking, and organizing. It's when I'm most at peace and happy. But then the chaos begins again in September when I am juggling both of my jobs. It is not easy and I am grateful for this time to breathe. How do you all juggle work and life?

Thanks for stopping by....

Happy Tuesday!


Amy Coose said...

Love that you're getting your little one into scrapping!

lil gik said...

So sweet that she's crafting right along with you!


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