Tuesday, March 12, 2013

my other favorite hobby

 My good friend from high school is having a baby boy in April and I'm so excited! I knitted her the placket knit sweater in a really pretty yarn by Sirdar that makes a beautiful fair isle effect.

I knitted the same sweater for baby girl in the 6 - 12 month size and she has been able to wear it since she was little and it still fits her...

I also pulled out an old card I had made out of my stash of cards and bought her a little notebook that says "rest." When Ellie was little I always found having a small notebook around handy for writing down questions for the doctor, feedings, little memories I wanted to remember. I also used a cutout to decorate a plain aqua blue bag and stamped a little giraffe tag...everything was so fun to make and it was neat seeing my original bag among the sea of store-bought bags...many of which I saw at my own shower over a year ago!

Haven't done much scrapping since Friday night I think? So I have a few layouts almost complete to post. Things have been busy though. I'm on spring break from the college so yesterday I sent her to daycare so I could finish touching up the white baseboards. When my dad installed them we never got around to touching them up after we moved in. They look so much better. There are still a few more projects I need to get done but most of them involve my dh or my dad when he feels better.

I also have great news...which I really needed. I got the job! I start in a few weeks. I'm so nervous but excited!

Happy Tuesday!

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Lisa Rukin Swift said...

That is one beautiful sweater (and gift)! You are so talented!


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