Friday, March 1, 2013

scrap space

My little corner...
I love looking at other scrappers spaces. I am often jealous of those who have whole rooms to devote to their hobby and love to see their setups. But we have never had the space. I have always had a small corner of my bedroom or living room. This summer we bought a condo and my space is just coming together since I have renewed my interest in scrapping. I have had the same desk for about 10 years. It was one of those put-together cube sets from Target and I have always loved it. It has a small surface for working but it has always worked in our small apartments. Right now it is in the corner of our bedroom and seems to fit well there. My husbands computer "station" (as we lovingly refer to it) is next to my desk. It is kind of nice to each be in our spots at night working on our individual hobbies (he is a gamer), but still kind of spending time together.

I have had to baby proof my setup recently so I don't have things set up exactly as I'd like just yet. I would also like to get some shelving above the desk so I can display more of my stash and projects. I find that if I see the pieces regularly I'm more apt to remember to use them. "Out of sight, out of mind" rings true for me. I recently reorganized how I store my alphas and embellishments. I used to store them in 3-ring binders in clear page protectors. That worked for me for years...but I find that now I just want to be able to grab one box and find alphas, one box to grab stickers/labels/2-D embellishments, and another box for journaling cards. I am liking the new system but will tweak it a bit. I am going to get another small box to store word/phrase stickers separately since I use those quite a bit and would like easy access to them. I would also love to (ultimately) find a better way to store my clear stamps since they are in a pile in a drawer...the "out of sight, out of mind" thing happens. I try to go through them periodically and put less(er) used sets on top as a reminder to use them!

I don't tend to have a lot of products so my little space works for me...


Here is my corner....

This was a piece I reclaimed from my dad. It had been a part of a desk he put together for my mom when I was little. I use it to store my stamps and inks and love it. It is also difficult for the baby to open so I don't have to childproof it (yet)!

Ellie is helping to show you how it is organized. Here is one of 2 drawers of wood stamps.

This is the bottom drawer of clear stamps. I really want to figure out a better system for these...any suggestions?

Second drawer of wooden stamps. These drawers are shallow but deep...absolutely perfect for stamps.

The top drawer has all my inks and embossing powders. I tend to rely on basic blacks, browns, and some occasional blues or reds. So I don't have too many ink pads otherwise this drawer would overflow. Most of my stash is this way...streamlined due to space, budget, and the reality of how few supplies I actually return to time and again.

These 2 cubes sit on top of my stamp drawers...

Drawer of punches...I don't use them too often. More for cardmaking.

Speaking of blank card/envelope stash.

The top drawer has misc...ATC's, origami paper, 4X6 cardstock, index cards...

My paper. I recently went through it and weeded out stuff I'd had for years and never used and didn't really like anymore. I love paper but compared to some I don't really have a lot I've realized! From left to right: my patterned paper (I tend to keep newer pieces to the front), cardstock, 8x8 or similar cardstock, 6x6 pads and misc. I don't really have a system for organizing patterned paper. I used to keep it by color but it just frustrated me. I also don't tend to go for a particular manufacturer. I just go through the stack and pull out what will work or what "speaks" to me at the time.
These 12x12 boxes from AC Moore are great. I use one for scraps and the other two I keep my old Cocoa Daisy kits inside. It makes it easy to grab one. And on top I keep my pouch of often used tools and paper cutter...far from baby hands!
Scrap box. No order to it. This is my favorite system! Easy and it works well. I often find inspiration for cards when I rifle through this box.

Top Left of my desk. This corner bugs me. Especially the modem and internet box. Unfortunately it is right next to the tv and the cords don't reach my husband's desk across the on my desk it landed. Have to fix that...

Inside the desk...behind baby-proofed doors! Small embellishments in that white box, rhinestones in the clear box, all my glues, adhesives on the bottom shelf. Though I keep my most used taperunner in my travel pouch on the desk.

Bottom shelf of desk. Lesser used stuff....random.
On the right, under the desk..I keep current albums I'm working on in the top shelf and the bottom shelf holds the two new bins I use for 2D embellishments and alphas, along with 2 smaller containers for journaling tags. These shelves are really deep so in the back, out of sight, I keep random mini albums and other misc. things.

My alpha box. I just got 2 12x12 boxes at the container store...this is working so far. Though from here on out I will keep alphas in thier original packaging. I used to take them out so some are all over the place.

Box of journaling might be a little too small I'm finding since I love these and do buy them a lot. But so far, so good.

Inspiration board above my desk. I have been tacking up things I want to remember to use...I also use it to put up coupons and reminders that have nothing to do with scrapping!

Right top of my desk. I have a bill organizer since I do use my desk for multipurposes. My paintbrushes too. I have to keep my acrylics, canvases, etc in the utility closet next to our bedroom because there just isn't space. I also don't like things all out in the open...too cluttered. 

And finally, my chair. It isn't the most comfortable. But I love it. It is an antique chair my parent's had. I just love it's history and its shape. It is one of my favorite things..sounds funny I know. But for some reason I'm attached!

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any suggestions for organizing clear stamps...I need a new, small system....

Have a good day!


Penny said...

I love how you have organized everything and your little helper is adorable! Love Penny

Julia said...

You have a very nice tidy space!!

angie gutshall said...

Love the space!! I so need to get organized!

Staci said...

I love your organization! Have a great weekend!

Tracy said...

Thank you for sharing your room. I love to see where everyone creates.
I am organizing my clear stamps right now. I am hoping to be done by the end of the weekend.
It has taken me most of the week, lol.
Love how you store your wood blocks.

MariClaudi said...

I store my clear stamps in a Martha Stewart 6x8 binder using her page protectors because they have a flap that keeps the stamp set from falling out.

Benita said...

I was also going to recommend the MS page protectors. Or what about a little wicker basket? I have one that I store my bigger clear stamps in. Your space looks great! Also, could you move the bill box to the side where the modem is to 'hide' the cord? Or move the modems to the other side by the bill box?


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