Tuesday, January 22, 2013

weeknight dinner

I am in love with this recipe...so is my husband. It's Pioneer Woman's scalloped potatoes. It's actually her Potatoes Au Gratin recipe adapted by slicing the spuds thin. It's in this cookbook, her new one, that was on my Christmas list this year. Tonight I added some pieces of ham. So good! I've really liked all of the recipes I've tried of hers and they are very easy. I usually only like trying recipes on the weekends when I have more time. Almost never after work. But these are simple and the ingredients aren't too expensive either.

Mmm. Mmm.

Tonight I had all intentions of doing some scrapbooking but honestly after cooking, eating, getting the baby ready for bed, getting tomorrow's clothes ready, showering, ...I just don't feel like it. I've never really been a weeknight crafter. Ever. Except knitting. And even that I don't feel like it. I had all intentions on being less of an old lady about weeknights but I just can't! I'm tired!

But I did get to see this earlier and it just made me smile...

Miss. Ellie playing princesses with her daddy before dinner. I love them.

Hope that you had a good Tuesday! Thanks for reading...


Tracy said...

You said easy recipes...I may have to check out this book.
This does look good.
This photo melts my heart.
I have a photo of my hubby and daughter playing pretty Pretty Princess. Hubby had the earings and necklace and maybe even the crown on, teehee.

Danielle said...

Oh man, you made me feel hungry with that photo! And it's only 10AM overhere LOL
Love that photo of them playing princesses!

scrapperjen said...

That looks like an amazing dinner!
That picture totally made me smile. Super sweet!


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