Friday, March 23, 2012

forfeiting being a creature of habit

Placket-Neck Sweater

This was the last project I finished knitting before Elizabeth was born. Since then I have probably knit 5 rows on an afghan I started for her last June. It is hard to fit in time to knit in between feedings, chores, playing and naps while she naps. I miss it. Not having time to read, knit or scrapbook have been amoung the hardest adjustments. Feeling as though your time is not your own. I feel selfish saying that but it is true. I love this mom stuff but it is really hard.

I have been reading about schedules and routines for babies. Not sure I buy into them. I belive in following my babies lead and using that to establish a loose routine. Sometimes I worry that I am just winging it all the time! I worry a lot about setting up habits that I will have to break later. Though at this age (6 weeks) I know that you still really can't spoil a baby. At this point, I guess we do have somewhat of a routine. She tends to fall asleep around 9 - 9:30. If I don't feed her before then she is up at midnight. Otherwise she usually wakes for a feeding around 2-3am and then is usually up for good at 6am. Though that fluctuates somewhat. Like last night. She slept from 7:30 - 10 and hadn't eaten since 5ish. But she had been so overtired and fussy I wanted her to sleep. I woke her at 10 for a feeding and changed her. She fell back asleep pretty easily until 2:30am. She ate and then had a little trouble getting back to sleep. I had to get up a few times to reswaddle her and give her the pacifier. Then she woke up at 4:30 for a "snack." She doesn't usually do this and I don't want to encourage it. She was kind of awake at 6 but didn't eat until 7am this morning.

Her typical routine has been somewhat unpredictable this week as I think she's been having a growth spurt. But I worry about not having a routine when I start back to work. This morning I was just thinking about that and feeling anxious. How do I get ready for work in the morning and her while still managing to leave the house earlier to get her where she needs to be?? I know people do it...but how? I am a creature of habit and that has been one of the other hardest adjustments I have made since taking on the job of "mom."

Well...I'm off to enjoy Miss. Ellie!

Happy Friday!

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Sarah C. said...

Those early weeks are a challenge in so many ways. I remember having a break down when D was a few days old due to lack of "me time." I just wanted 5 minutes to myself!

Then the whole scheduling thing. I've always followed a bit of his lead. It does seem like every time we get into a groove though, it changes! I don't have experience in getting us both out the door for work/daycare, but on the days I need to get us out at a set time, I find it's helpful to prep as much as possible the night before. Otherwise I am running around like a crazy fool in the morning! LOL


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