Saturday, April 9, 2011

where's my inspiration?

 I am lacking motivation. Cary went out to a hobby store for a game night to try and meet some local guys to hang out with and I was going to scrapbook. I haven't in months. Not since before Christmas when all the challenges began for my Dad. I lost motivation for much of my artwork, except knitting. At least I kept doing that. This week was incredibly busy at both jobs. The kind of week where I remember that sometimes each of my two jobs could easily be almost full-time. I have continued to stay away from caffeine...except for chocolate. That would be pushing it! But this week I was put on a new medication for an issue I have been dealing with and it is knocking me out. I hate feeling like this. It will take some getting used to I guess.
I did enjoy seeing the bright sunshine when I woke up today after some restless sleep. Cary was so sweet and cooked an amazing dinner for me last night. So I made some pancakes this morning and we went out to the movies. Saw Arthur. Very funny! And now here I am....I got one scrapbook page done. Didn't really plan out the page too much. Just went with it. It was actually a page with two photos I took of Christmas Dinner. A bittersweet day. So it was somewhat therapeutic for me to do.
I have so many supplies for scrapping, cardmaking, ATC's...I just haven't felt inspired. I think one page might be enough for today. Sometimes I end up feeling guilty when I have so many projects and hobbies and am not really getting into any of them. I feel like I waste so much time sometimes! Anyhow, tonight I might look into some ATC challenges online and do some knitting. I know that creativity comes in waves...I would just like to get back into it, Maybe tomorrow...
Happy Saturday!

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Heather said...

I can completely relate to the whole too many hobbies not enough motivation problem. But sometimes it's the lack of time that creates the lack of motivation. I think I need to work on making time for creating.


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