Tuesday, February 1, 2011

some gratitude...a day late.

cross section of an old tree trunk my dad polished up

Today I am grateful. I am home sick from work and there is a two day snowstorm coming in. Let it snow. I am letting go of my stress about all the snow we have been having. It is what it is. Why stress? I have been letting stress make me sick for too long. It isn't worth it. Life is way too short.

Today I am grateful for:
  • a phone conversation with my dad today
  • new england
  • coffee in my favorite aqua blue mug
  • trees
  • chemotherapy
  • doctors
  • music choice channels on tv
  • my blue willow china
  • my cellphone
  • art supplies
  • the promise of spring after a long winter
  • one and a half months until my guy comes home to me
  • candles. especially red berry & cedar from Yankee Candle
  • faith
  • family
  • the future
Happy Tuesday!

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