Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shoot & Edit: Good Night (edited)

Good Night: DSC-HX1 1/25 f3.2 25.4mm ISO1600
Here is my edited version of my  photo for the Shoot & Edit Challenge. I am still just using Picasa and Picnik. I am planning on downloading a trial version of PS Elements based on fellow bloggers suggestions and advice which I really appreciate! I was not happy with the SOOC version of this photo. I used the auto setting on my camera which I usually like, but because this was taken in a darker room with no flash it set the ISO high. I am only just beginning to learn about those settings but I do know that an ISO that high is going to result in a grainy photo. And this one certainly is. So I decided in editing to use that and go with a black and white version. Those shots can be grainier and it adds to them. I also played around with a red-orange filter while setting it to black and white in Picnik. I am still not 100% sure what that means or how it effects the photo specifically but I like the effect. I'm following the editing tutorials only slightly on the challenges. I am learning all the possibilities but only applying a few things. Mostly I am playing around with settings right now and seeing what they do as more of an experiment. Then going back and reading the tutorials more carefully to learn more.
Today I took a few photos for the next challenge...Red. I'm excited about this one. A fun challenge during a very snowy, white, New England winter!
Happy Saturday!


Sarah C. said...

I like the change to black & white! Looks sharp. I've been taking photos today too for Red. Excited about it. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

You already had a nice SOOC shot but I think it looks really nice in b/w. I'm excited to see your red shot. I need to take one myself!


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