Saturday, January 22, 2011

fair isle

These are my sister's birthday present! I am so excited about them! In the past few weeks my mom quickly showed me how to do Fair Isle. Basically I wanted to know where to hold the yarn. Then on an on-line video I taught myself to use both my right and left hand to hold the yarn. I love these! The pattern was really simple and a great way to learn. It is out of a book that I love: 60 Quick Knits with Cascade 220 yarn. Easy patterns and very nice, reasonably priced yarn. I am pleased with the color combination I chose. Now I'm trying to finish up a simple hat that is using just the light blue color yarn. That may not be done in time! Her birthday is monday but we are having a family dinner tomorrow.

Off to finish knitting!
Happy Saturday!


scrapperjen said...

These are beautiful! I love the red & white.
Your sister is very lucky.

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful! What a great gift. I wish I had the patience to do that. Knitting a rectangle was trying enough for me. LOL :)

Sarah C. said...
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emily said...

Thank you! It was actually a lot of fun....just enough challenging that it kept me interested. Sarah: I think knitting an afghan is more challenging because they are so much larger!


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