Monday, July 12, 2010

monday gratitudes

pies I made for my girls night - blueberry pie and chocolate chip pie

Today is sort of my last day of vacation for now. I say sort of because I usually have mondays off in the summer but I was off from both jobs last week. I don't want to go back tomorrow. I just don't. I'm not ready. I have fantasies of spending my days baking, cleaning my apartment, walking in the woods, making art, spending time with my guy and family, growing a garden, reading, working a part-time low stress (highlight on the low stress) job. I feel like I can't do that. I feel overwhelmed a lot. Bills, student loans, choices. Feel like I can't backtrack and do it differently particularly because of the student loan part. Acceptance is what I need to do today. Focus on the Serenity Prayer.

So today is a good day for a Gratitude List. I need it. I also need to see how I want to spend my day....Stewing over feeling stuck? or enjoying the freedom of the day?

Today I am grateful for:
  1. having time yesterday to make some ATC's for the art therapy swap (I'll post them soon)
  2. blueberry pie
  3. Paula Deen's recipes and humor and love for butter ;) I got the chocolate chip pie recipe from her. So good!
  4. my flowers and balcony outdoor space
  5. english muffins for breakfast
  6. lots of flowers in the apartment
  7. time apart and how it makes us appreciate the time together much more
  8. the smell of cut grass and coffee brewing early in the a.m.
  9. a good book to read with lots of pages left
  10. learning of an old friends pregnancy...can't wait to knit her something sweet!
Thanks for listening to my non-sensical babbling and complaining. It is just one of those mornings....why? I need to get over it! I have the day off and it's summer!!!

Happy Monday

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scrapperjen said...

Mmmm - those pies look delicious! I hope you enjoyed your 'last' day... ;) Wonderful gratitude list - as always.
Hope you have a super week!


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