Tuesday, August 18, 2009

gratitudes...a day late.

My uncle's yard (formerly my Grammy's yard)- beautiful backdrop for our annual family reunion

So this week it will be "Tuesday Gratitudes!" I'm a day behind. So far having an average vacation. Haven't been feeling great so far...so having a late start on fun. But we had an awesome family reunion on Saturday complete with boat rides, food, kayaking and fireworks. We have been going to the movies a lot and went out to dinner a few times. Today I'm hoping to get some groceries and some new flowers to replace the ones that are past their prime in my containers outside. Today our city has very low water pressure. Amazing how much we rely on stuff like that and don't realize it til it's not there!

Today I am grateful for:

1. telephones
2. family
3. seafood. Especially fried seafood.
4. living near the ocean.
5. cameras to capture memories.
6. playing computer games with my guy.
7. having a job and a steady paycheck.
8. Cary.
9. summer weather.
10. my car.

Here are a few more pictures from the reunion. I didn't take as many this year...and a lot less of people I noticed...though there are a few. My dad had 10 brothers and sisters so it is a huge family! It is held at my Uncle's house which was my grandparent's. It is the home where they all grew up and where us grandchildren played as kids. It is in the neighborhood where I grew up so I had the good fortune of spending much time there and have so many wonderful memories of that yard and the river...

Happy Tuesday!

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