Saturday, July 18, 2009


Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC, 2001

Haven't taken any pictures I am posting a random old one. From about 2001. One of my favorite places to go. One of my fondest memories of living in DC was one day my dad had driven down to bring me home for a school break. We stopped at the Cathedral on our way out of DC and they were playing the pipe organ. The most unbelievable shook. You felt it. Beautiful.

Having a lazy saturday morning. The sun is struggling to come out behind the fog. It's hot and humid. Summer. I am going into the city tonight with my mom and sister to see Rent. It was our birthday present to mom. Excited! Wasn't feeling so well Thursday into Friday but now I'm feeling ok. Did some knitting this a.m. A Christmas present. I'm trying to plan ahead. I'm itching to do a little scrapping too. It's been awhile and I haven't been motivated to do any. Maybe in a bit before I head out. Otherwise tomorrow I have all day and no plans....

Happy Saturday!

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