Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, MA - April 2009

This has been an up & down week. I have been so busy with pre-graduation/end-of-the-semester stuff. Haven't been home many nights this week. Cary got bad news this week that we are trying to figure out. He is being laid-off as of next week. Fortunately he has some good pay coming this summer while he is at OCS for National Guard but that also makes it hard to be looking for a job. I hope something works out for him. He works so hard.

As for other news...I spend the day with friends for a yard sale to benefit the Relay-for-Life here in town. It was a good day outside. Got some knitting done on a baby sweater for a co-worker. After I had lunch after with friends...a good ole' Gloucester Haddock sandwich...hmmm. After I went shopping because I needed to find something inexpensive to wear to the college graduation and my sister's upcoming graduation. Found a few things and splurged on two pairs of shoes. I feel guilty about those. But they are very cute and really weren't that expensive. Picked up a few groceries at Trader Joe's and now I'm relaxing and taking a break.


Happy Saturday!

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toners said...

Oh, Emily, I'm sorry about Cary's news. The two of you seem to be very strong, people, though - you'll get through it...lots of (((hugs))) and thoughts coming your way!


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