Monday, March 16, 2009

monday gratitudes

Monday Gratitudes...

  1. getting to sleep in today even though it's a later night at the college later

  2. the Irish Freckle Bread I made...hmmm...

  3. the sun is out

  4. a new knitting magazine to look at..and a few scrapbooking ones I haven't looked at yet.

  5. it is almost Spring

  6. a beautiful weekend

  7. my mom's St. Patrick's Day corned beef and cabbage to look forward to tomorrow.

  8. coffee

  9. funny television

  10. a place to live

  11. money to pay bills

  12. only a little over 1 month of classes left for the year

  13. my health

  14. internet....

Here's what I've been up to...

Another Premie Hat for charity...casted on last night.

The first glove of another pair of Fetching. This time I will make them the size I intended with the yarn I just used to make a "mini" pair accidentally :)

I MISS SCRAPBOOKING! I love knitting and doing the ATC's....but I want to take out all my scrapbooking papers...have all my embellishments organized on my desk...look through my photos. I miss it. I really wish we can get past this apt extermination crap because I NEED TO SCRAPBOOK! This isn't very full of gratitude I know. But a few of my gratitudes were in an attempt to feel better about this works most of the time. But sometimes I get fed up with it.

Well...back to doing whatever I can do to distract and get ready to head out to work. I hope to catch up with blogs tonight and tomorrow!


Sarah C. said...

They still haven't finished the extermination? Yikes. I'd be frustrated too. You're doing an awesome job on the knitting in the meantime. Those gloves are so cute. And I enjoyed your list - lots of wonderful things to be grateful for. :)

toners said...

I like your gratitude lists - they're a great reminder for all of us :)


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