Thursday, January 22, 2009


Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Our problem isn't resolved yet. It may be some time before it is. The last few nights have been rough and I'm going on very little sleep. The exterminator came yesterday after Cary spoke with the leasing office (don't even get me started on that experience he had).

To backtrack, a few months ago we had a preventative treatment done on our apartment because another tenant in the building had a problem. Now we have a problem. I'm angry because many people in this building opted not to do the preventative treatments so basically the "problem" is being chased around the building and we are now the lucky ones. Don't get me wrong. I was not excited about doing the long list of preparations needed for the treatment right before Thanksgiving. But we did it. Now we have to do it again and then some. We have spent so much money this week preparing for what we need to do. The exterminator was kind and answered all my questions that I passed along to Cary. He said when he did the preventative treatment in November he saw no evidence of an issue in our apartment. He had noticed we had done much of the work requested. He was amazed that so many people in this building called his office complaining and saying they did not want their apartments exterminated because they "didn't have a problem."

Anyhow, he did a mini-treatment yesterday. As much as possible with all our stuff still in the way. I hope this gives us some relief until he returns on Wednesday to do a full treatment. We have to do so much work on Tuesday in preparation. I have to take a personal day at work.

Last night it seems the mini-treatment helped (I hope). We were able to sleep a little better. I am cautiously optimistic. I am now banning myself from looking up websites about this issue. They just talk about horror stories and I don't need it. I'm filling my head with junk. Cary is much more logical and optimistic than I am about this. I hate having my life and my home turned upside down by something as annoying and invasive as this. And even more than that I hate that I can do everything right in this situation and if my neighbors opt not to...I may still have an ongoing or reoccurring problem. I understand they have a right to not do something if they choose not to...but when it effects my home and my wellbeing...that is SO not O.K.

I am reminding myself that in the grand scheme this is not a big deal even though it feels like it now. I really want to be optimistic but I feel like I have had this streak of very bad luck for months. It has to turn around. Doesn't it?

This preparation has allowed me to focus on my one little word. SIMPLIFY. I through out so much last night. Old magazines, all my scrap paper, some old shoes, pillows, baskets. Just so there is that much less in the apartment. It felt good. Purging junk. Now if only I could purge the "junk" floating around in my head. Worries and negative thoughts.

I'm sorry my posts have been somewhat vague and down the past week. I really hope that things will be (somewhat) back to "normal" middle-to-late next week. Right now I just want to try and veg out and try to relax before I crash from exhaustion. Also...tomorrow I teach my first class of the semester...I sure hope it goes well. And I scheduled a hair appt for tomorrow night. That should be a nice escape!

I hope to post again in a few days....thanks for listening!

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toners said...

Hang in there, Emily...(((hugs)))


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