Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my space

I'm a worrier. For reasons I won't go into here I am overwhelmed with worry sometimes. About things I don't even have answers to. Things that aren't even important.

I hate it.

In an attempt to distract and resume my relaxed vacation week at home...I took some photos of my scrap space...small as it show you guys as promised.

My area is literally one wall in the bedroom of the small 1-BR apartment I share with my boyfriend. I have had my desk for years in my old apartment and LOVE it! It was the best money I've spent. It is made up of three cubes for a base with a long "board" for the top. The cube on the left was originally designed for computer componants and has open shelving. One the right are two stacked cubes with shelves and doors. One of these holds my regular boring work stuff (office supplies, bills etc).The one on top has my colored pencils, printer paper, pastels, crayons (I love a new box of Crayolas!) etc. I got the desk componants at Target about 5 years ago and they have served me well. The surface is not very deep and constricts my workspace a little but I am pretty flexible and work "with what I have" for most things. For me it has been ideal to have this contained space because I have lived in small apartments and the desk doesn't overwhelm my room.'s my space:

This is a view of my space from the bed. It is what I first see when I wake up! I kind of like that.

I recently reorganized it and finally feel settled in since moving this summer. Since moving I have loved having the bulletin board on the wall. I've been clipping inspirations, photos and new stickers/rub-ons I want to remember to use. In my old apartment the desk faced into the room and was next to a window so I didn't have space for a board. I LOVE it. I was going to get a large one but thought it might look too cluttered since it is in the bedroom. If it were in a scrap room I'd like a huge bulletin board.

To the left of the Target desk are two scrap cubes. The one with the 3 drawers holds mini albums and small paper stacks. The one on top (obviously) holds my papers. One top of the cubes is a black 12x12 box that holds my paper scraps. On top I have some new sheets of paper I just got and want to use. That is the only trouble with my paper storage. I don't see everything I have and "out of sight - out of mind."

To the left of the cubes are two Ikea storage boxes (full of computer crap) that hold my printer. I wish I had something with doors so I could hide away the printer. That is the only sight I hate when I wake up. It is right next to the bed.

The following two pictures are of the left side of my desk. These compartments face in (toward my legs and feet when I'm sitting at the desk). I like that because it looks neater.

The bottom shelf holds 6 binders, each labeled, that hold stickers, alphas, journaling spots and collage images. I organize each binder with page protectors and regular sheets of copy paper so you can see the images clearly. This system has worked for me for years. I have a binder for each major catagory of "stuff" I most used is the Quotations/Words binder and it is full of word & quote rub-ons and stickers. I love using these on pages and cards.

The middle shelf holds mini-books that are in progress as well as a few other odds and ends.

The top shelf holds a tray containing all my glues. This shelf also contains xacto knives and blades, adhesives and a few jars in back of silk flowers and buttons. I would like to have those in sight somewhere but there just isn't space.

My pens, pencils, tools and paint brushes sit on top of my desk. Each mug that holds them has a memory. One I made in ceramics, one a grad gift from a friend, one a gift from my freshmen college roommate from Japan. A small ceramic bowl I made holds mini misters. This was new to my organization since I've been using them more often. There is also a shallow ceramic dish of misc rhinestones. These are one of my favorite embellishments on cards and they just make me happy and inspired to see them.

Here is another view of the desk top. The black Nate Berkus candleholder is my FAVORITE thing about my space. I got this at Linens-n-Things years ago with the idea of keeping it on my desk. I recently reorganized it. Each little compartment holds a different sized/colored brad or rhinestone or other small embellishment. It used to hold all of my brads but I moved the ones I don't use as often (to the new little box I posted about a few days ago) to make room for new inspiration. I just love seeing all the colors right in front of me. Something about that inspires me. I actually got the idea years ago when I used to frequent a local bead shop. She had little votive holders everywhere full of beautiful colored beads. I was in awe. Also, I'm wierd...I love anything with lots of small compartments!

Here is the front of the desk. This little square of corkboard is another favorite thing. In my old apt it was the only bulletin "board" I had. I keep some computer/blog related codes on it and a few other clippings. The basket below holds most recent issues of scrap mags and inspiration books.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my space. It is small but I love it. Someday I would love to have a whole art room/studio...but that isn't in the cards for awhile. I love my little space.

Thought I would also post the three cards made in the class I took at my LSS on Tuesday. They are made with the new Hero Arts birthday stamps. They are cute. In classes I am not always thrilled with the outcome of the cards. They are usually not my usual style. I like these but mainly I like that I got lots of ideas and tried out some new techniques. Particularly playing with Taking Twinkling H2o's on the balloon card. I loved them! But think I will make do with my perfect pearls and watercolor pencils. I did invest in a water brush though. It is a great tool.


Here they are:

Thanks for reading! I'm going to try and relax and watch some television before getting to bed. Will be up early tomorrow and hopefully meeting my dad wherever he is working for a coffee. I love sitting and talking with him. He's one of my favorite people.


Heather said...

Okay, she has a bird! So scratch my last thought!... LOVE the cards you made. Cute, cute, cute! Your space is lovely and so neat and organized. I'm finally getting my crap/craft room to a state of good organization and it feels so good. I hear you on the worry. Senseless and useless and irritating worry. Oh, and you have great intentions for the year. I've got to write mine down.

Sarah C. said...

Hope whatever has you worried moves along and works out ok so you can relax. ((HUGS))

Your space is wonderful! So pretty & organized. The cards are beautiful. tfs! :)

toners said...

I loooove your space - and the candle holder is an awesome idea!! Hang in there...things will get better (from one worrier to another).



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