Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year everyone! I am determined to make 2009 more positive. I rang in the New Year with a call from Cary who was at work 'til 2am. Yesterday, as of noon I am on vacation until Jan 13th. Yippee. Yesterday was not such a good day. I thought about listing why but decided to hit "backspace." No need to rehash yesterday. Last year.

So today. I started off with a nice breakfast for myself. Cary sleeps 'til noon so it's a quiet morning to start of the year by myself.

Then I boiled shrimp and made nice hot cocktail sauce for some hor'dourves I'm making later. That is something my mom always did on holidays and I want to continue. Even if it is just the two of us.

Now I want to just knit, watch TV and enjoy the sun coming in the window...over the huge drift of snow on our balcony! my flower bloom today!

Maybe a little later I'll post about my 2009 Intentions and my One Little Word. Haven't worked on my painting since my last post but maybe tonight I will. Thanks so much for the kind compliments! It always feels like a risk to put stuff you make out there for others to see and it is nice to hear positive comments. Thank you!

Here's to 2009 and a positive attitude!


Colleen said...

Love how you're starting the year and I'm with ya! Here's to success, health and happiness in 2009!

Sherrie said...

Best of luck in 2009!


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